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Insolvency Practitioners

 Insolvency Practitioners

Only licensed and authorised Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) can represent clients in relation to insolvency. They can advise on the best way forward in instances of administration,bankruptcy, company voluntary arrangements,individual voluntary arrangements, liquidations and receiverships.

Licensed insolvency practitioners play a major role in closing your business, giving advice on how to turn around your business or, in the case of company liquidation, ensuring that your company’s assets are sold in order to repay its creditors.

How we can help you

Our IP licence holders have the stipulated qualifications from regulatory authorities and vast experience in insolvency matters. We assure your confidentiality and the best advice on the protection of your interests. We will:

Our services

Our insolvency practitioners are available in the following locations across the UK:

• Belfast
• Cardiff
• Durham
• Glasgow
• London
• Manchester
• Portsmouth
• Southampton

In certain cases, our main task is to try to rescue a business. If this not possible, we assist clients by employing a number of tactics. The assets of the person or company in debt can be sold, we can collect money due to the person or company, we make creditors’ arrangements and also distribute funds collected after paying costs.

We’ve assisted hundreds of UK businesses in dealing with insolvency and can provide clear, sound advice when the going gets tough.

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We have a team of advisers who have helped hundreds of businesses around the UK that have faced financial pressures on every scale. We can help you with queries about dealing with business debts, creditors, VAT arrears and advice on how to select the very best way forward for your business, your clients, your creditors and your staff. We will provide the advice you need to restructure, refocus and recover.

Corporate Recovery Help has teams of people at eight offices around the country - from Southampton to Glasgow. Call us to speak to one of our friendly, understanding and discreet team near you and your business. We understand every company is facing its own issues and we will provide advice specifically for you and your business. We can guide you through the right process to resolve your issues and facilitate a successful recovery. 

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