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From Insolvency to Debt Service: 20 Common Business Words and Phrases Explained

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Cardiff Insolvency Practitioners

From insolvency to administration, many finance and business terms can be quite confusing and difficult to understand, particularly to people without a background in the industry. Whether you’re a company director aiming to sharpen your knowledge of business terms or a future entrepreneur hoping to learn the basic language of business, read on to learn 20 common words and phrases used in business and finance. Insolvency A business...



Debt 101: How Debt Can Help or Hurt Your Business

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Is your business afraid of debt? For many people, the word “debt” doesn’t sound all that appealing. Many of us associate debt with risk and poor financial health, often with good reasons. While debt may be a bad thing for consumers and households, debt can often be a good thing for businesses. When used right, debt can have a huge range of benefits for a growing business with an effective plan for the future. Of course, taking...



5 Tax Saving Ideas for Small Businesses

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Is your small business paying more tax than it needs to? Every year, thousands of businesses pay more than their fair share of taxes, typically as a result of failing to claim expenses and make use of dividends. While it’s important to pay your fair share of taxes, ensuring you don’t pay more than the required amount gives you a greater amount of money to invest in your business’s growth and development. From claiming all...



5 Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Is your small business struggling to grow? Many small business owners find it hard to kick-start growth and development, often due to the cost of buying advertising or hiring a dedicated sales team. Luckily, it’s very possible to grow your business without spending big bucks. With the right approach, you can fuel your small business’s growth without setting aside a large marketing budget. From old-fashioned methods like cold...



How to Prevent Rapid Growth From Damaging Your Business

For most business owners, growth is a good thing. Growth means higher revenues, more customers, more market share and, in many cases, a larger team to keep your business growing steadily. However, growth isn’t always good. Alongside higher revenues and more customers can come more debt, more expenses and, for a worrying number of businesses, cash flow that can’t keep up with liabilities. Is your business growing too fast? If...


If Business Debts are Affecting Growth?

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