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About Corporate Recovery Help

We’ve helped hundreds of UK businesses facing financial challenges such as creditor pressure, insolvency and the threat of liquidation. Our experienced, qualified team is here to help your business restructure, refocus and recover.

Whether your company needs financing to pay suppliers, staff and other creditors or is facing major financial and structural issues that need to be resolved, we’re here to provide the help, support and expert advice you need to make the right decision.

Our team has facilitated successful turnarounds for businesses burdened by debt and under extreme pressure from creditors. We understand that every company’s situation is different, and we’re here to guide you and your company through the right process to resolve its issues and facilitate a successful recovery.

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Meet the team


Gordon Johnston

Gordon is the managing partner of Corporate Recovery Help. Gordon has many years of experience running SMEs. He has an excellent commercial background and is well versed in dealing with the day-to-day issues that companies encounter.

Email: Gordon@corporaterecoveryhelp.co.uk





Shane Biddlecombe

Shane has over 20 years’ experience in insolvency matters, is one of our licensed insolvency practitioners, and specialises in helping businesses in financial difficulty to develop a strategy for future survival.

Phone: 07867 503695

Email: Shane@corporaterecoveryhelp.co.uk





Michael Quick

Michael is an insolvency consultant with more than 10 years experience. Michael’s experience allows him to quickly identify the problems company directors are facing and focus on finding the best solutions in the most efficient way.

Phone: 07827 237855

Email: Michael@corporaterecoveryhelp.co.uk





Samantha Jones

Sam is an insolvency consultant. Sam has more than 12 years experience in assisting all forms of distressed companies. Sam is well versed in dealing with any concerns company directors face with trying to deal with complex issues struggling companies encounter.

Phone: 07590 401302

Email: Samantha@corporaterecoveryhelp.co.uk

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We have a team of advisers who have helped hundreds of businesses around the UK that have faced financial pressures on every scale. We can help you with queries about dealing with business debts, creditors, VAT arrears and advice on how to select the very best way forward for your business, your clients, your creditors and your staff. We will provide the advice you need to restructure, refocus and recover.

Corporate Recovery Help has teams of people at eight offices around the country - from Southampton to Glasgow. Call us to speak to one of our friendly, understanding and discreet team near you and your business. We understand every company is facing its own issues and we will provide advice specifically for you and your business. We can guide you through the right process to resolve your issues and facilitate a successful recovery. 

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